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Logistrik is a plugin that is extremely easy to put into use. Using Logistrik's technology eliminates the need for other delivery plugins. Logistrik allows web-shops to independently include carriers to the delivery option, who themselves may lack even basic process software for organizing delivery work. That means web-shops can include basically everyone as their delivery partners! This creates environment that is technically easy and affordable to use and manage, and where adding or removing carriers does not entail the usual web page development costs.
The web-shop visitor is presented with an extensive Delivery option, which is intuitive and very easy to use. All delivery terms and different carriers pick-up points are displayed at the same time on the Logistrik Delivery option map view. And the main thing! When new carriers are added/connected, new delivery options will magically appear in addition to the existing ones. No new developments, no technical work or development costs!
Logistrik plugin installation does not require you to sign any contract. The plugin is designed in such a way that, after installation and initial configuration, it immediately and very efficiently solves the task to provide suitable delivery option to the customer. Simply, as long as you use plugin without Logistrik account, the shipping order corresponding to the delivery option chosen by your customer must be submitted to the respective carrier some other way (for example, via the carrier's website). This makes Logistrik technology immediately and without any technical difficulty usable and completely free of any charges! For most low-volume web-shops this is really all they need.
An account opened at Logistrik gives you a convenient option to immediately order delivery from the carrier using delivery details selected by your customer (print parcel labels, waybill) and at the terms (prices and delivery dates) set by the carrier. That way, you don't have to order delivery one by one thru the carrier's website, and at the same time sign different cooperation agreements with different carriers. One plugin, one account, all carriers that have already joined or will join us in the future!
In case where the conditions (prices and terms) of the so-called Public Delivery Offer established by the carriers that have joined Logistrik do not suit you (for example, you have agreements made directly with the same or other carriers that are better in details of terms), then with your Logistrik account you can easily include present delivery partners too - just set them up under your own account. With this, the terms and prices of your own delivery partners are displayed to your customer on the same Logistrik Delivery option map with all other options availble. Delivery partner set up by you will invoice you directly for the relevant services you have ordered from them.
Within our solution, you can set up anyone as your personal delivery partner - even your secretary or warehouse worker, if they have spare time to make a delivery round or two during the day. At the same time, they will participate in your supply chain as a party that is perfectly integrated with Logistrik delivery options and your digital reporting system! The additional delivery options that you have set up based on the resources you have in your possession are nicely showed to your customers in the Delivery options map that we are already familiar with. Logistrik will forward the registered delivery order details (work orders) to the courier (or your employee) via e-mail, informing them of the delivery order that needs to be carried out, and the e-mail also provides the courier with a web link through which, at the time of receipt, the shipment can be marked as picked up and later, at the time of delivery, as delivered.
Logistrik offers range to your business that is actually very easy to understand. With the Logistrik, the reach of your e-sales channel is limited only by your own ability to deliver the message (promote yourself) and translate your e-sales channel into the languages of the respective target regions. As you are already operating business, your e-sales channel has orders and shipments, we do not have doubt that you will achieve continuous success in the conditions of the wider range. Entire task related to sending the shipment we have already solved for you, globally!