Transport service brokerage

We connect transport service subscribers and providers.

The mediated transport service (or Logistrik's Public transport service) is a transport service provided by the carriers who have joined Logistrik through Logistrik to all interested parties (Logistriks users).

One account - all carriers, parcel machines and parcel points!

New carriers are constantly joining Logistrik. Regardless of size, country of location and area of operation. Activating the carrier's user account requires the carrier to define the transport service in Logistrik, where the carrier himself expresses the origin and destination regions of the transport service he provides, determines the weight steps of the shipment or the dimensions of the boxes of the parcel machine and their transport prices. The carrier sets which departure point, under which conditions and terms, and to which region and at what price it offers transport via Logistrik. All configured delivery solutions are immediately available to you, good users of the Logistrik environment, with the prices and conditions set by the carriers themselves in the Logistrik information system.

It is enough for you to create a Logistrik account and in this way all possible carriers that have already joined or will join Logistrik in the future are available within one account (on the basis of an agreement / contract).

For the transport service ordered under the public transport service invoice The representative of the corresponding region of Logistrik, which then in turn invoices the carrier for the transport.